Analysis of industrial digital development in the Ivanovo region


  • Oleg A. Savin Ivanovo State Power University, Ivanovo, Russia


digital transformation, investment, development, strategy, innovative development, information technology, digital sovereignty


The formation of the Russian Federation digital sovereignty for the successful implementation of all stages of domestic industries digital transformation and enhancement of national competitiveness is impossible without the development of a support system based on the domestic hardware. The developed and efficient system of domestic electronic computer components production is the foundation of the national digital assets productivity. On the basis of the Federal State Statistics Service public official data, paper studies and analyses the relationship between three main economic indicators of the production process: investment in fixed capital, industrial production, the volume of shipped goods, works and services, in terms of «Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products» as a type of economic activity for Ivanovo region and the Russian Federation. The study analyses a time period 2015-1st half 2023. To obtain objective results of the industrial digital development analysis of the Ivanovo region, the article additionally conducts a comprehensive analysis of the companies performance in terms of «Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products» based on indicators of enterprises profitability. According to the research results, we determined state and trends of the digital industry in the Ivanovo region. Therefore, the industrial capabilities for hardware base development of electronic computer components and devices in the Ivanovo region is the key points of sustainable industrial diversification of regional economic system.


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