Innovative activity of enterprises as a factor in enhancing the competitiveness of the region




innovation activity, GRP, correlation analysis, sustainable development, investment in fixed capital, Central Federal District of Russia


The paper uses the methods of economic and mathematical modeling to verify the relationship between innovation activity of enterprises operating in the Central Federal District of Russia and GRP of the macroregion subjects in the long term. It is impossible to create a regional model of sustainable development in Russia without overcoming the gap in socio-economic development of the country's regions. The key factor in overcoming the inequality of Russian regions and increasing their competitiveness is the development of scientific and technological base of agglomerations, strengthening their innovation activity. The purpose of the work is to assess the impact of innovation activity of the CFD enterprises on GRP of the macroregion subjects. Two research hypotheses were verified during the study: there should exist a direct (statistically significant) link between the dynamics of innovation activity of enterprises and the growth rate of GRP of CFD regions; there should exist a direct (statistically significant) link between the dynamics of investments in fixed capital and investment activity of CFD enterprises. Correlation analysis was used in the study. The study results led the authors to believe that the innovation activity of the CFD enterprises has little impact on GRP of the macroregion entities, and the amount of investment in fixed capital does not affect the innovation activity in the agglomeration. The results of the study are explained, on the one hand, by the limitations of the model used, and on the other hand, by the uneven social and economic development of the Russian regions, which affects the innovation, among other areas. The results of the study, the methodology, and data set proposed by the authors make the work unique and novel. The conducted research reiterates the task of rethinking the measures of support aimed at stimulating innovation activity at the regional level from the state.


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