Strategic and business planning as a mechanism to ensure the competitiveness of domestic organizations: theory and practice


  • Alexander А. Kiselev Yaroslavl State Technical University



strategic and business planning, competitiveness, domestic organizations, concepts


One of the modern needs of Russian companies is strategic and business planning. People studying it often talk about strategic planning as planning to achieve some long-term goals, and the concept of business planning "substitutes" tactical planning in an organization. As a consequence, given the lack of specific scientific developments in this area, based on the provisions of Russian classic management theory, company experts interpret the concepts of strategic planning and business planning at their discretion and as they see fit. For example, in 2006, when A. Khloponin was the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai, at the meeting of the State Council on strategic planning, he accurately noted that many officials, including federal and regional ones, talk a lot about strategies and concepts, strategic planning and business planning, but do not understand the true meaning of these concepts. And to date, the situation on this issue has not changed much. It does not help make strategic planning and business planning serve as an effective mechanism for Russian organizations to compete against each other timely and appropriately. But to solve this problem, it is necessary to define the meaning of these concepts from scientific positions and develop specific recommendations to actually use them. This paper stimulates the relevant research to form clear and scientifically sound decisions on strategic planning and business planning that can provide the Russian organizations with an effective mechanism to ensure the necessary level of competitiveness in a timely manner.


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