Goal-setting quality assessment of the subprogramme «Information State» of the State Programme "Information Society"


  • Alexey V. Tebekin Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3098-7710
  • Vasily S. Petrov Moscow International University




quality assessment, goal-setting, «Information State» subprogramme, «Information Society» programme


We assessed the quality of preparation of the sub-programme "Information State" (except for federal projects) within the State Programme "Information Society". Based on the activities planned under the "Information Society" subprogramme, the levels of expected one have been assessed in terms of their correlation to the mission and the goals to be achieved. We found that in terms of the formulation of expected outputs the activities of the "Information Society" subprogramme are not specific enough in many cases, moreover, they are not properly linked to the subprogramme's key performance indicators. We formulated the suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the preparation of State Programme passports directly affecting the effectiveness of their implementation and the quality of the results based on the assessment of the level of implementation capacity of the subprogramme "Information State" carried out at the stage of goal - setting


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