• Тamara N. Yudina Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Alexey M. Balashov Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University



e-commerce, fierce competition, monopolistic pressure of big capital, rivarly for the consumer, technological entrepreneurship, "low-touch economy", marketplaces, online shopping


The paper examines new mechanisms and forms of e-commerce emerged during the crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic and given the impulse to the development of the online economy. It prompted entrepreneurs to transform business management practices and models to find optimal supply chains to find ways to increase competitiveness. The digital technologies become ontological while digital platforms continue to evolve through ecosystems. The online economy begins to shape new items of leadership and conditions for e-marketplace interactions in the competitive conditions. The authors focus on the analysis of the patterns influencing changes in e-commerce forms, methods and mechanisms. The aim of the paper is to identify e-commerce in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a factor of business competitiveness. The paper dwells on the exploration of the use of new forms of entrepreneurship in e-commerce including technological one.


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